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day 5 Date: Mar 8th @ 12:05am EST
There is nothing better than having a good day, at work in the gym with people who feel good to you, that is what is missing put into practice, I am the best porsona in the world giving advice but I am the worst in receiving them

no hay nada mejor que tener un buen dia , en el trabajo en el gym con las personas que te agan sentir bien, eso es lo que falta poner en pratica , soy la mejor porsona del mundo dando consegos pero soy el peor en recivirlos
day 4 Date: Mar 2nd @ 7:20am EST
To only be 22 years old I am very aggressive with myself, I cannibalize some things in my but the truth I do not like segir the runbo that I take the whole world, I like to be me

para solo tener 22 años soy muy agresivo con migo mismo, trasto de canbiar algunas cosas en mi pero la verdad no me gusta segir el runbo que llevo todo el mundo , me gusta ser yo

day 3 Date: Feb 28th @ 3:21pm EST
My aggressiveness makes me look like a bad boy, it's not that I want to be bad, I only do it because I do not find myself as a person, I do not know what makes me happy, I think that's why I'm so curious

Mi agresividad me hace parecer un chico malo, no es que quiera ser malo, solo lo hago porque no me encuentro como persona, no sé qué me hace feliz, creo que por eso estoy tan curioso
day 2 Date: Feb 24th @ 7:46am EST
I'm straight and I'm curious about everything, yesterday I saw a guy who was gay, he approached me and we started talking, after a while I said that I would go to the bathroom to fix, I go to the bathroom and seconds later he also, me I was looking and the cock got hard, as I told them I'm straight hetero and wanted to prove that it felt like putting a gay in a bath, I puce to suck and I swallow all my milk

soy hetero y tengo curiosidad hacia todo , ayer vi a un tipo que era gay , el se me acerco y enpesamos hablar , luego de un rato le dije que iria al baño a horinar , yo entre al baño y segundos despues el tambien , el me estaba mirando y la polla se me puso dura , como les dije soy hetero curioso y queria provar que se sentia poner a mamar a un gay en un baño , lo puce a mamar y se trago toda mi leche
day 1 Date: Feb 18th @ 8:44am EST
My name is brandon and I've been working on this page for almost two years, I'm curious I'm 22 years old and in the time I've been here and learned many things, the truth is a job as any other, apart from being a model wecan study sport and me I like exercise

Mi nombre es brandon y he estado trabajando en esta página durante casi dos años, tengo curiosidad de tener 22 años y en el tiempo que he estado aquí y he aprendido muchas cosas, la verdad es un trabajo como cualquier otro , Aparte de ser un modelo de estudio wecan deporte y me gusta el ejercicio
in college Date: Jul 29th @ 10:41am EDT
,, I was a student of Mechanical Engineering and the destination for those situations ended up studying Business Administration. At that moment in North Admon, only studied characters stratum 6 and the occasional cast like me, I had a scholarship that paid me the desired career, but always kept very well, given my academic performance.

Well, we were almost in the sixth semester and there was a girl extraordinarily beautiful German origin, 1.65 tall, thin, reddish hair, blue eyes, fair skin with freckles on her shoulders, hands like magazine and an incredible ass product its heritage and a half so beautifully manicured feet always excited me just see it in sandals. For those coincidences '' Anny '' and I had several classes together and we had greeted several times, at this point I will say that I am no movie star, but I'm a nice and very good deal else, I'm brown, latino body, 1.68 tall, a little hair on the chest and abdomen and legs long at that time to weight so I had a good figure.

Once, in an attempt to disarm a teacher '' threads '' that were common to always work the same students, Anny and stayed with a friend of hers, very beautiful too, on a semester project ..... ............................................
I was excited Date: May 6th @ 10:54am EDT
It is not chicaniar, but I've always been quite delayed when ringing, however, know very well that when you're with a woman for the first time, this resistance can be diminished to a few minutes for the thrill of a first time, and although I can linger about 15 minutes to come to me, in this first penetration was not much that last.

But it did not matter because both were satisfied, going to stay a while abrazodos in bed, talking, resting to regain strength for the second round.

Until then everything was fine, but of a sudden, she got up from my side and grabbed my pipicito and proceeded to put it in his mouth. I almost start to mourn bliss. A suavesisima mouth with an erotic warmth and a way of sucking, which seemed to have done a master's degree, a diploma and sister underlain by a specialization. My pipicito feel happy to stay in such a delicious mouth, and then eat it for a while told me to penetrate her again. At that point I almost dropped the face of it, it was that I usually have good durability, developed after my pipicito maintain their hardness for a while, but this time, although big boy was very flabby. So the first thing was to wear a condom, trying to stay as well and then insert it into your vagina, because he was already in 4 square, waiting for me while I delighted watching that ass, firm, large ... beautiful.

We started Date: May 6th @ 10:54am EDT
The truth is that I do not imagine you could have a beautiful body. Her tits, small form, but large enough to not fit completely in my mouth. Her nipples seemed timbres old bus, only 1 to 2 centimeters longer, we dedicated ourselves !!

Once out of the shower, I went to bed and lay face up. I proceeded to revel in the smell of her hair and the softness of your skin tooodaaa, starting with its neck down slowly, through your shoulders, your arms. Stroking her skin with one hand, with the other grabbed one of her beautiful breasts and devoured alternating tongue, lips and teeth in them, occasionally rising to kiss her mouth, which was also flavoursome. Still enjoyed slowly, this woman had accepted my invitation animals where the only redeeming feature was the mere carnal enjoyment ... then, who knows what would happen.

Peak to peak, covering his body with my lips and tongue, reach your vagina. That delight. Some tasty lips, I started licking as she went introducing my fingers into her vagina. At that time one just wants to put his foot accelerator and make the engine roar, however, try to linger everything giving finger language and the beauty of pussy until, instead of a groan from his mouth came these words that we all desire. Metemelo !! Neither short nor lazy, I started to put me a condom and begin the process of penetration of this dream come Women.

seduction Date: May 6th @ 10:53am EDT
In the end, we define a Monday meet in at night, and that was not us too far, we decided to meet near the house, and we both live in the commune 12 in surrounding neighborhoods. The meeting was in the consumption of america, and there just walk a few meters to enter the new motel there before reaching the tarapaca.

That day, I play office work, since their work is field in various municipalities in the environmental part. I was pretty anxious and I imagined that he was serious deliciosisimo skirt or dress, and wanted to call her and ask her to dress well, but let things take their course. What was my surprise when I see a beautiful green clad in gauzy dress without pantyhose, high heels uncovered showing her pretty feet. Her hair was madness, because although we see everywhere Women bent on having their straight hair, she is proud of her curly hair, and the truth is that it is attack ... and yes, cry or squeal pataleen The curly hair of a woman is mesmerizing to me, and hers was no exception, soft curly and a delicious smell.

I accept that, having followed the game of seduction is likely to enter the room, we would have been merged into a kiss and from there we began to undress. However, once inside, she placed her purse in one of the tables next to the bed, naked and told me to wait for would go to take a shower. I must say that the 2 photos he had in his profile showed the body that every woman wants, curves that are noticed when changing the waist and hip are extended gently coming behind her.

Quote Date: May 6th @ 10:52am EDT
What they said unless I said that "as a man raised to be a male," one would inculcate the goal is to get him, no matter lies, broken promises, the mission is to have it inside the woman. Gave me a good laugh when you hear it, but at the level of "mechanical sad neighborhood" (no offense to anyone) or "guachemente" occasionally hears that "unless gurrea not fucks", which confirms that, since what we got, no matter how young or old, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly ... we just want to have dressed in a vagina, wet, warm and soft.

We will also corroborate that, for that macho mentality, we know that there is a process of seduction, but hard ah ... that gives us all by the fact that some women prefer to be seduced mind, other like and they feel seduced by sexually explicit words, others feel seduced by the factor $$$, others feel seduced only by an athletic body (and not talk pa proven to be one body, zero intelligence) and so ... the list of possibilities it is almost infinite, as well as vast is the female universe.

The truth is that I agree with my head held high, but let me feel insignificant, would have preferred to sexual, carnal encounter, where everyone took the other that he wanted, without wanting to seduce more deeply to the other person, only leaving the animal being that we enjoy the nakedness of the other person.

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