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Knowing only Date: May 6th @ 10:51am EDT
Every beginning, because one day looking profiles Women, I found hers. I wrote a few days later I found your answer. Practically we chat through messages guide and had fast to communicate by direct emails.

There were several emails we write us and them, she began to tell me about their lives and ask me about my life. The good thing is that while the theme of the place where we met is purely sexual, our emails did not touch only the sexual theme. We also talked about the difficult terrain of relationships and communication. On the difference of reading something written, and hear the same thing but said by someone. As change, or they may change, meanings that decodes self and the true message they are telling us.

I can not deny, just find an email from her on my tray I could see the happy face and likewise, she told me she liked to read me, I even confessed that he was angry to realize that generated joy receive my message .... ironic no? but that often happens in both directions.

Now at this point (unless it has been reactivated their profile or changed his pseudonym) Wind Solar no longer exists in the guiacereza, and has not returned to answer my emails. It is very likely that it was something that emerged in some of the talks.

hot mature Date: May 6th @ 10:48am EDT
At this point begins one of the best blow jobs there ass hit me because he told me that the husband was not paying attention to that part of your body; licked, suck, taste all the vagina, from the front to the anus, making her squirm with pleasure and asked me desperate to penetrate her as soon as possible, I did not pray and slowly penetrated in the missionary position with her legs on my shoulders and then in my forearms, enjoying every centimeter of her vagina and feeling like contracted to step my penis felt great to feel the bottom of the vagina, see my penis soaked vaginal juices she and start a puts and takes as mandated by the standard, first slowly and excitement as you ride the neo ratatouille became faster, the time licked and sucked those amazing breasts that had loved me from the moment I saw them; and in less than three minutes he was on the second orgasm, it was spectacular to see his face, as enjoyed every caress, every touch to it.

It changed our position, was placed over my, entering one of the best rides you have given me, I had more or less five orgasms leaving my belly and my genitals full of the juices coming out of her vagina like a fountain, her desperate enjoying every centimeter of my penis, I thought at some point I would start by the frenzied movement of his hips and contractions of her vagina.

I always thought that women were more arrechas black, but while in Bogota I realized that cachacas are ardent and ask here to stay.

After that came the times I wanted to put it on 4 and I start my enjoyment, penetrate slowly, watching every centimeter of my penis disappears and disappears back into her vagina and each thrust, was morbid see her contractions year to the beat of the attacks of my penis when I came finally fills her vagina well calientica milk mixed with juices emanating from her vagina.

came in spurts Date: Apr 24th @ 8:48am EDT
Drop over the furrow of her ass, a discharge of ice cream she did not expect one hand on vulva to address the excess is deposited in that delightful place for my purpose.

I went back to licking and kissing her buttocks, now the ice cream spilled on them flooded her anus which clean with my tongue for a long time to satisfy my desire for it is one of the parts that desire could smell the odor of their fluids, had to do cleaning without wasting anything, is the fermented nectar, product accumulated exciting times as we danced and we kissed, it's me, I smelled it, I taste everything I wanted, I drank it all, then closed her vulva pink loved her Vaginal wanted turning backhand, was having an orgasm.

 Catch a piece of ice to drive my mouth and smooth with my tongue, then proceeded to put in the entrance to his final cry sphincter, shook, it was time to not give him time, I proceeded to push it with your fingers and feeling it feels when one perceives as the anus receives it and carries it alone inside. culeame-love, love culeame please. It was thought to please but not heeding at that time. Take the bullet extracted from the panty and introduced into her vagina and turned on the moderate vibration, to go up the pace gradually, once the peak, this time introduced two pieces of ice inside your anus, and proceeded Place the head of my dick in the ass, lifted his head and dropped again, she knew the encularía, so I wanted it, I relaxed as usual, little by little without toil entered to the bottom in which the cold caused by ice in the ass felt once the sphincter gave up, I started with the attacks which slowly she was asking intensity and I obeyed. know that she comes in spurts, and at that time came, I knew I was tired a little posture, untie, and change the position ...

tempted her Date: Apr 24th @ 8:46am EDT
Remove the things he had prepared for the occasion (hopefully some couples understand that penis size is not imprtante not be what remained forever in the memory of your lover, or partner ... will the moments and all that resource explotaste them): a creamy passion fruit ice cream, I opened the chuspa ice had put in the freezer, oil Johnson, 6 ties 3 meters thick cord cotton brush which prepare, melted chocolate and remove the bullet panty vibrated for another use.

Then I put four on the edge of the bed, prepare knots wrist and precedí to tie it with the face side resting on the bed, arms stretched until your hands touch your ankles with her legs open to a compas, and his ass, saw his high ass revealing his sphincter and completely swollen vulva, looked vulnerable, exposed and submissive.

I proceeded to cover his body with oil, the oil has the quality to trap body heat raising the temperature of this, I put two fingers in his mouth wanted to inquire how she was, she proceeded to lick, responding hold your jaw and Propine one long, passionate kiss. Kiss and surfed all over his back and his back would not stop me until I hear a moan from her to give me a sign that it was time to take care of her buttocks, the smell of her buttocks, she knows me crazy, smell her ass look like the sphincter retracts pouting, invite you to give an overview of language for him, causing Brinquito of unexpected prime contact my tongue into her anus, then frenzy reflection and confirmed her moans that -a love is usually followed by a single grunt she exclaims; take a little cream slush ice cream, and fill my mouth with it, I approached her mouth and download to mine the content of which drank mine and continued with an extremely long and passionate kiss, I felt like my cock slid some fluid, I repeated the process with the chocolate that I personally do not like but she fascinates him, and then it was just wanted to give you just what you want most.

the show Date: Apr 24th @ 8:44am EDT
nce dressed, looked very sexy, I asked the vibrating thong which I had to help to make it well positioned inside her vulva went down.

We went down to the meaning and down keys, then first activate the right thong when she spoke with the manager, she smiled and looked at me, took my hand and we went downstairs and got way up the drive in which increased and decreased the vibration intensity on a whim she squeezed my hand when it became too intense to bear and that was l play and the curiosity of the object that, so triggering as we danced or when we kissed in the proximity of others, she just smiled and squeezed my hands or thigh, occasionally let out a moan or squeezing the legs.

Back in the hotel room, after many caresses of desire, proceeded to undress coquettishly, stood alone had the thong and slowly was lowering and oh! Surprise, behind it a thread of fluid slid down her legs to dip a little bed came, laughed and dropped on me, kiss, and so have it prompted me not to give time for anything, I had Indeed fantasies with her and decided at that moment to carry them out, sells his eyes saying as usual You trust in me ?, leaving smiled and now with the blindfold said -always black.

waiting for it Date: Apr 24th @ 8:44am EDT
I was in the terminal waiting for your arrival, as usual since the first day I met her, we were sending messages whatsapp in which he described the place where came the aeroban that would bring my arms, because for her it was the first After coming to Buenaventura, whenever there appeared a vehicle transporting my hands were sweating and back nerves, we did not know personally but we wanted deeply indeed that the distance came the Aerovan in traveling, bring me at the door and the image she knows that never borrare my memory is the stem of his legs and instep of your foot to the floor looking out of the car and lifted his gaze with a smile that from that moment I knew I was in love, she looked so sure, she's beautiful.

As I said, and was awaiting his arrival as we had planned to spend a weekend together unforgettable, as were her birthday, she had very specific plans, just dance and lock us together, I had mine.

We stayed in the Cordillera Hotel and we usually stay when they come and actually go out dancing at a bar discos in town: Samba, wore a tight black dress that video had shown me, and he surprises for tennis occasion a remote control vibrating thong

I imagine Date: Apr 9th @ 5:59pm EDT
the soban, squeeze it, want it inside you ... loose buttons and bags ... feel like carved in your bare buttocks and as my lube smeared on them ... you start to see pajearla you feel as my fingers meet your goal and take you to an orgasm .. while you run out of breath ... you hang my dick in the mirror and see how your body is filled with joy .... you turn kneel and cojes my hard cock and get into your mouth .... did not take to me come, ending up in your face as you sip my milk ..... semen volume in your face with my hand and rub your hard breasts .. the hunto as moisturizer, while my other hand grabbed my cock and I slapped her, finishing wringing my cum on your face ....
You get up, you feel my cock in your belly ... I take a small step back and look at you, I start walking around you as prey you are, when I get behind you ... you to lean forward resting my hard cock in Cleavage of your ass .. your buttocks begin to sag as my dowry slides for them to get your pussy ..... feels like my cock fills you all, I take you by the hand and together you back so no you can get up and start embestirte like you're a whore .. I rode and you like ... you order more and will have .... start moaning and has been asking harder .. harder, you raise your eyes and you look there .... almost four in the air, hands behind .. with a man partiendote the ass ..... You see, their movement will generate pleasure .. you see as increasingly leaning forward you feel in the glory ... do not know that despite
the sobar Date: Apr 9th @ 5:55pm EDT
shock me with a estorbosa suitcase belonging to a nice lady, had a vieniti much and a cute little waist, not much cola but very attractive ... colliding with suitcase she directed me apologetically ... I like everything a gentleman told him I did not care, that all was well and was quiet .... try to get comversacion but was unable to continue comfort means ... (already known) but left so that I could see part of her cute cuerpesito inside her blouse, which made me mill ... and look very upset for not achieving the conversation .... since then that girl got into my two heads to the point of organizing the that would make you ..
basically you whisper in my ear the following ...
Imagine for a moment you and I standing in front of a mirror, hugging from behind while my hands glide across your abdomen to reach your breasts, squeezed and feel like that rich nipple gets hard and crying out to be licked all this while feel my cock throbbing in your ass, trying to free the pants .... I kiss your neck while my hands over your body releasing buttons, belts and more uncomfortable clothes ... slide my hand to your vaginadespués release pants, I pressed the wet pussy of yours and feel like my fingers slide inside you ... your hands go to my neck by hanging the tail .. while you get to feel even more my dick in you I put my hands .. under your blouse, I feel rich skin-baring your breasts, which causes my cock almost break the pants .... I naked in the mirror ... you look naked at me and you see my caressing your body from behind. ... roso with my fingers llema contour of your breasts, waist and hips while you keep your eyes .... take my hand I caress your vagina and slowly giving you pleasure ... meanwhile your hand slips my cock ... you touch over trousers.
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