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brandon Date: May 17th @ 8:25am EDT
hello ......... good morning ........I wish you a happy rest of the week
brandon Date: May 3rd @ 11:38am EDT
hoy dia 3 de mayo del 2018 ..... emprender es como boxear ,no pierde al que cae .... sino el que no se levanta .....
brandon Date: Apr 30th @ 7:44am EDT
day 30 of opening of 2018 ....
learn to appreciate the little things that the vocation offers you
brandon Date: Apr 28th @ 9:04am EDT
today, day 28 of the month of April 2018 ...
Today is a very rainy day and it is a bit cold ... but it is not a reason for us to stop doing what we like so much
brandon Date: Apr 27th @ 9:22am EDT
dia 27 de abril del 2018

si... tengo muchas metas y proyecciones y espero cumplirlas una a una ..... por eso me gusta lo dificil, en lo facil siempre hay fila
brandon Date: Apr 26th @ 8:45am EDT
day April 26, 2018 ..... slowly ... little by little great things are achieved, gentlemen and gentlemen
brandon Date: Apr 24th @ 12:38pm EDT
Today, April 24, I wish each and every one of you a happy day ..... and a happy rest of the week
day 5 Date: Mar 8th @ 12:05am EST
There is nothing better than having a good day, at work in the gym with people who feel good to you, that is what is missing put into practice, I am the best porsona in the world giving advice but I am the worst in receiving them

no hay nada mejor que tener un buen dia , en el trabajo en el gym con las personas que te agan sentir bien, eso es lo que falta poner en pratica , soy la mejor porsona del mundo dando consegos pero soy el peor en recivirlos
day 4 Date: Mar 2nd @ 7:20am EST
To only be 22 years old I am very aggressive with myself, I cannibalize some things in my but the truth I do not like segir the runbo that I take the whole world, I like to be me

para solo tener 22 años soy muy agresivo con migo mismo, trasto de canbiar algunas cosas en mi pero la verdad no me gusta segir el runbo que llevo todo el mundo , me gusta ser yo

day 3 Date: Feb 28th @ 3:21pm EST
My aggressiveness makes me look like a bad boy, it's not that I want to be bad, I only do it because I do not find myself as a person, I do not know what makes me happy, I think that's why I'm so curious

Mi agresividad me hace parecer un chico malo, no es que quiera ser malo, solo lo hago porque no me encuentro como persona, no sé qué me hace feliz, creo que por eso estoy tan curioso
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